UML by Example (Sigs: Advances in Object Techn) Review

UML by Example (Sigs: Advances in Object Techn)
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A great book, although a bit smaller then most UML books, this is one of those instances that quality definitely came out on top over quantity.
The first section reviews UML in general, what the symbols are and when and how to use them.
Section two is the real meat of the book, showing what every person wanting to learn programming always has a problem with, and usually turns out to be that turning point where they give up learning to program. Its not the learning of a language syntax and its nuances that is the real challenge of learning to program (although at times . . .). It is trying to come up with an application or object oriented script that fits a need you must address, and then the process of figuring out how you should build it from an OO point of view. Section two has 2 chapters. Each has an example of taking a high level idea and breaking it down using the "Bridge" method used in this book, until you finally have a complete UML class diagram. At which point you can then start your coding in the OO language of your choice.
Section three is more or less a repeat of section two only the answers and examples are not provided for you. Section 3 is a set of exercises. Concepts of applications (customer requirements doc) are provided and you do the UML designs.
Section 2 though is where all the real action is at.
I give this book 4 stars and not 5 because of two things:
I. An authors version of the answers to section 3 are not provided to you for comparison to the results you come up with after going through exercise.
II. The UML used in this book is still based on UML 1.x and not 2.x. This book is great but screams for a second edition written with UML 2.x in mind.

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Ghinwa Jalloul's step-by-step introduction to object-oriented software development is suitable for teacher training as well as for practicing software engineers.Jalloul presents seven complete case studies and several smaller examples documented in UML, derived from small software projects developed for, and delivered to, real users. They are preceded by an overview of the object-oriented modeling artifacts in UML, on which the remainder of the book relies.The case studies provide a medium for experimental use and act as templates that can be tailored by readers to fit specific needs and circumstances.

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