Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age Review

Slot Car Racing in the Digital Age
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I'm 57. Kids are all grown with their own kids now. But the kid in me is still alive and well. When I was about twelve or so Dad would take me to one of several local slot car tracks. They were all 1/24 scale. Anything less was a kids toy. I always wanted my own 1/24 scale track but had to settle for HO back in the day. But that was then, now Carrera has made it possible to have your very own serious (space allowing) 1/24 scale slot car track. My motto was "go big or go home". With the help of this excellent book I've put together a massive 24'x 8' Carrera layout(top shelf reliable stuff...German made and very popular in Europe). Even if your going to set-up a "living room special" the information and tips contained in this book are well worth avoiding some serious headaches. Going digital is the way to go. It's not your Fathers race track. You'll pit exactly like NASCAR when your fuel runs low. You'll change lanes when you want to at the flick of a switch all with wireless controllers along with five of your buddies at the same time...ON A TWO LANE TRACK!!! You can monitor everyones fuel and performance on the big screen after you set individual car acceleration and braking effort. But before all that can happen effortlessly you'll have to set down a few evenings with this book. Have a good one! RIP#3

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