Modelling Armoured Vehicles (Osprey Modelling) Review

Modelling Armoured Vehicles (Osprey Modelling)
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Any one that wishes to improve they're modeling skills this is a very good book. Not only on the Models covered, but it also gives ideas on how to improve others. The simple to follow step by step instructions on how to detail the subjects in the book can be used on any model.

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A central resource to all armor modelers from the complete beginner to the more experienced modeler, this book details all the steps involved in creating a realistic and attractive model armored vehicle. Gary Edmundson and his colleagues take the reader through all the steps required in armor modeling, from the basic stage of putting the kit together, through to the intricacies of texturing and elaborate paint schemes, finishing with how to display your model.Each chapter is illustrated with a range of different models covering the whole spectrum of armor modelling, including both Second World War Axis and Allied armor as well as more modern subjects. The authors also cover specific techniques and subject areas in which they individually excel, highlighting the different tools and approaches required for each individual discipline. Lavishly illustrated with over 250 images, this book contains all the detailed, step-by-step information you need to become an expert armor modeler.

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