Dream-Plan-Build - Layouts, Modeling Tips & Prototype Railroads (Video Series) Review

Dream-Plan-Build - Layouts, Modeling Tips and Prototype Railroads (Video Series)
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This DVD is a collection of video presentations of 6 layouts, 6 different techniques and 3 videos of railroad prototypes. It was sent to me unsolicited by the publisher and I decided to keep it and $[...] for it. It was a good deal in my view.
The layouts selected were pretty interesting and focused on various aspects of model railroading. There were three HO, on O, one S layouts presented and then Northlandz in New Jersey (northlandz.com), which contains HO, O and G trains. While there were no N scale layouts (we're N-scalers), it was still interesting to me and my son. A couple of the technique videos were pretty interesting and amazing, particularly the painting of the backdrop turned out to be quite the art piece for a modeler, but the others were not so helpful. The prototypes were from all over, but our favorite was the coverage of the Union Pacific's Bailey Yard in North Platte, Nebraska. Incidentally, we had just visited the yard a few months prior to getting this video so it was pretty exciting to see additional details of inner workings of the yard as well as hear interviews with people who work there. It's a pretty amazing place.
Overall, it's a good amount of video material for the price. However, by us paying for this one we are now on the publisher's mailing list and are getting other unsolicited offers. The second volume costs roughly $[...] with shipping and it's not nearly as exciting. But the first volume gets a thumbs up from us and five stars.

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