Cheap Diamonds: A Novel Review

Cheap Diamonds: A Novel
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This novel should come with a warning attached: Caution, Addictive!
Once you're into it, forget about having any other kind of life. There you are, captured, captivated, turning the pages, unable to put it down, not wanting it to stop, and either in love with Cherry Marshall or under the illusion that she's you, or vice versa. Cherry is the delightful narrator of this lark, a Candide from Arkansas moving around in the best of all possible worlds, which happens to be the world of New York's glamorous models. And when Cherry steps back to let someone else have the spotlight, it's almost as good. The other characters are all wild and young and full of hope, ambition, lusts and beauty. Cheap Diamonds is not only a perfect summer read - it's the best way of keeping summer permanently with you.

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