Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures Review

Database Administration: The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures
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This book has three things going for it:
(1) It describes the DBA function as it exists in the real world. More importantly, it breaks the categories of "DBA" out into specialities, such as system DBA, data architect, analysts and modelers, developers and data warehouse DBAs - each speciality is vastly different in practice - and provides skill profiles and roles and responsibilities for each.
(2) Proposes an organizational structure for all DBAs, regardless of database (DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) and skill. As a consultant who specializes in IT organizational management and processes I heartily endorse this structure. It's also consistent with recommendations made in "IT Organization: Building A Worldclass Infrastructure " by Harris Kern, Stuart Galup and Guy Nemiro, and "Building Operational Excellence: Strategies to Improve It People and Processes" by Dale Kutnick and Bruce Allen.
(3) A complete and comprehensive listing of tasks and responsibilities for DBAs, ranging from creating the database environment to data warehouse administration, and everything in between (data modelling, performance and capacity management, tuning, back-up and recovery, etc.)
While achieving the recommendations for organizational structure is a daunting and complex task, assimilating the extensive list of tasks and recommendations can be accomplished quickly. One way to attain immediate value from this book at the organizational level is to derive database administration policies and processes from this book, and refer to this book for the procedures.
The ideal audience for this book includes IT managers who need to understand the complexity and scope of the DBA function under their cognizance, senior DBAs who want to implement consistent procedures, and HR specialists who develop job descriptions and recruit DBAs.

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Part tutorial and part reference, Database Administration explains and examines each of the components that comprise the discipline of database administration. The book opens by providing an overview of the responsibilities of database administrators (DBAs) along with the various "flavors" of DBAs and their tasks. From there, the book proceeds chronologically through every task a DBA is likely to encounter. Although designed as a comprehensive survey of the entire DBA environment, the book's individual chapters are also well suited for quick look-up of specific information.

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