German Soldiers of World War Two Review

German Soldiers of World War Two
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Another excellent book from HISTORE & COLLECTIONS this time it's the Germans of World War 2.
It is 135 pages of high quality photographs of re-creators in authentic uniforms from all theatres that the Germans operated in.
The book is divided in to years from 1939 - 1945 so it easy to see what uniforms and equipment were worn in particular areas at particular times.
All insignia (No political correctness here) are shown with appropriate weapons and webbing.
The only thing missing from this book is photographs from the field which would show how appearances can alter after the normal wear & tear of a soldier's life
I have spent much money over the years on cheaper books which showed some of the information I was after but this book supplies most of the information you will need, be it for scale modelling or historical studies.
It is a must for any student of World War 2 uniforms.

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Histoire and Collections' all time best selling book was German Soldiers of World War II. Long out of print it has been sought by collectors and enthusiasts commanding high prices in used book market.

This long awaited reprint is actually far more than that. The new version includes significant additional material. Every soldier is shown on a full page, front and back with numerous detail shots of head gear, equipment etc.

The chronological order of the original edition is retained, while the widest selection of types of IIIrd Reich armed forces members is featured, from the most famous uniforms to the more obscure.


The quality of the images in the book is excellent... well thought out, visually very good and contains an impressive amount of material. .." Armorama, 03/2006

"excellent color images from the various German Wehrmacht uniforms...if you could only invest in one book about German WWII Uniforms, then this certainly would be the one"InScale.Org, 11/29/2010

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