Modern Software Development Using Java Review

Modern Software Development Using Java
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The authors make a good choice of java, as the teaching language of this book. It conveys to students the main aspects of being a professional programmer. These days, that usually involves object oriented programming. And java was explicitly designed from scratch to be fully OO, unlike C++.
Also, much current programming involves making a GUI. Well in java, this is quite simple, as shown by various chapters. The reader quickly gets up to speed in coding simple graphics, with numerous types of widgets. Also, the use of widgets and graphics coding is inherently OO. So this reinforces the book's teachings about OO. To a new student [new to any programming], OO principles can seem rather abstract. Coding widgets helps solidify the principles.

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Now updated for the latest release of Java, the Second Edition of Modern Software Development Using Java continues to blaze a new path for today's CS2 students. Tymann and Schneider's contemporary approach focuses on what students need to learn in the CS2 course in order to appreciate what is truly important today in the areas of software design and development. This text covers such current software development ideas as object-oriented design, UML, data structure libraries, net-centric programming, threads, and GUIs, all presented in a way that is fully accessible and motivating. The new edition has been fully revised to take advantage of the new features in Java 5.0, and all material is Java 6.0 compliant.

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