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More ghetto lust than `Flavor of Love's' New York, more hardcore than Tiger Woods on Viagra, and more street than a cardboard box in Bed-Stuy. This is a very hot piece of work from three different authors, only one of whom I have read. I plan to remedy that right after this review. Each one of these stories has a solid mix of street, sex, grime, and grit. I would even go so far as to call these "street espressos". They may be short but they punch you like a drunk Mike Tyson.
My favorite was `Put `Em in Their Place' because 1. It's freaking good! And 2. Because Erick throws TWO huge, HUGE twists in here that leave you with your mouth hanging open like that kid from `Home Alone'. Cha is a chick you don't wanna "f" with because if you do... heaven help you because hell will be too scared! `Slippin' was a gutter obscene, gritty read as well. Reading about Sabrina makes me wish they would hurry up and clone a human because I would like to get a little of what she got. Heck, who am I kidding...? I'd sell my firstborn for bus fare and then ride that bus through Baghdad wearing a "What Would Jesus Do" t-shirt just to get a taste a' that!
"Kandy Girlz' was good but the strength really comes from the first two stories. It isn't a bad story, but if these three stories were in the Olympics "Kandy Girlz' would get the bronze. Not because it did not try or because it sucked, but rather because the other two were THAT good! All in all this was a very good book and I was introduced to two authors that I will keep an eye out for in the future.

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Street lit's hottest stars bring you three sizzling women out to rule the game--and have it all--by any deadly means necessary...Slippin'De'Nesha DiamondEx-con Delvon Jackson lives to hustle--and loves to go after what he can't have. Working for a powerful Atlanta tycoon has put him deep between the satin sheets and luscious curves of his boss' way-off-limits wife. But when Delvon makes the ultimate move to get her and her husband's money, his hottest seduction might be his last...Put 'Em in Their PlaceErick S. GraySexy Cha has everyone from New York's most ruthless thug to its richest player at her mercy. And now that she's sexing her father's murderer and throwing his empire into turmoil, she's moving in for the final payback...and straight into someone else's lethal sights...Kandy GirlzNichelle WalkeKandy learned the hard way that power and money is never enough. By trickin' ballers, rappers, and powerful executives, the ice-cold beauty took her modeling agency to the top--and got more than the best of everything. But now the one hustle Kandy's not prepared for will give her everything to lose..."Diamond tells it like it is." --Publishers Weekly"Erick S. Gray is one of the rising stars of urban fiction." --Urban-Reviews.com--This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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