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The Truth On Modeling
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This book sheds light on modeling and gives you step by step instructions on how to begin. Not only did I learn how many mistakes people make during their search for discovery but also the amount of money they waste! If you're like me you think you need to spend tons of money on modeling classes and a portfolio...WRONG!
This 'workbook' teaches you where to begin, where not to begin and even highlightes and defines the key modeling lingo needed for a successful career. The true twist that drew me in was the way the writer, a working model herself, touched on so many important issues including self image and self esteem.
Before you spend any money or time please help yourself and your career by learning the tools offered in this incredible hands on book. It is a huge help and money saver for my daughter and I as we are trying to launch her career in modeling. This book is making our lives much easier!

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Avoid the pitfalls and start your career on the rightfoot!Written candidly by a working model, THE TRUTH ON MODELINGexposes the modeling industry and teaches beginner models (and theirparents) how to reap the benefits of this exciting career withoutgetting scammed or wasting time and money.Chock full of "inside"information as well as a listing of agencies by State.No oneinterested or involved in modeling should be without the informationin this book.THE TRUTH ON MODELING- Knowledge is power.With modeling, as with anyprofession, the more you know...the fewer mistakes you'll make and themore successful you'll be.

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