Practical Data Migration Review

Practical Data Migration
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This book is an awesome first edition, simply and litterally awesome. Great thought leadership brought to a book that can educate many on the topic of Migration Strategy. There absolutely needs to be a second edition that expands the book with sample templates of the artifacts that are described in the book to allow and individual just starting to follow the methods in the book to success and also more details of the QA and cutover planning area would be helpful. Well worth the read, for me the book represented one of the thought provoking reads I have had this year!
Hopefully the second edition is on its way!

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Practical Data Migration - giving you techniques and strategies for ensuring your data migration project achieves maximum returns for your company.This book provides a structured approach to data migration enabling you to get the right data, in the right place, at the right time.Every new computer systems needs start up data before it can be put into operation and realize the benefits implicit in new software.

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