Temporal Data Mining (Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series) Review

Temporal Data Mining (Chapman and Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series)
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A survey of remarkable breadth, listing hundreds of sources: 50-100 items per chapter, majority of them from conference proceedings. Evidently, this kind of volume does not let the author discuss any particular paper or topic in detail; at best, a reference is covered with a short paragraph. This does create a problem: the book's value is exhausted once the reader looks up the topic of interest, and moves on to the suggested references. "Temporal data mining" could do with a little more editing, but I am quite impressed with it the way it is, an authoritative and wide-ranging introduction to an interesting topic.

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Temporal data mining deals with the harvesting of useful information from temporal data. New initiatives in health care and business organizations have increased the importance of temporal information in data today.From basic data mining concepts to state-of-the-art advances, Temporal Data Mining covers the theory of this subject as well as its application in a variety of fields. It discusses the incorporation of temporality in databases as well as temporal data representation, similarity computation, data classification, clustering, pattern discovery, and prediction. The book also explores the use of temporal data mining in medicine and biomedical informatics, business and industrial applications, web usage mining, and spatiotemporal data mining.Along with various state-of-the-art algorithms, each chapter includes detailed references and short descriptions of relevant algorithms and techniques described in other references. In the appendices, the author explains how data mining fits the overall goal of an organization and how these data can be interpreted for the purpose of characterizing a population. She also provides programs written in the Java language that implement some of the algorithms presented in the first chapter. Check out the author's blog at http://theophanomitsa.wordpress.com/

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