Scaling MongoDB Review

Scaling MongoDB
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Scaling MongoDB is a short book that focuses on how scaling works on the document centered database of the same name.
The book is an enjoyable introduction to scaling MongoDB.
It begins by defining concepts such as sharding or splitting and in how MongoDB splits data between servers.
Step by step the book guide us in how to implement a database cluster, its configuration and administration.
It is so easy that in less than an hour you can have running a cluster in, for example, Amazon EC2 for testing.
It also offers a few tips on how to configure the database depending on the data you're working in.
This book is not a complete manual or an administration guide and it doesn't want to be on, it only provides us an introduction to mongoDB capabilities.
In short, a simple but useful book.

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Create a MongoDB cluster that will to grow to meet the needs of your application. With this short and concise book, you'll get guidelines for setting up and using clusters to store a large volume of data, and learn how to access the data efficiently. In the process, you'll understand how to make your application work with a distributed database system.

Scaling MongoDB will help you:

Set up a MongoDB cluster through sharding
Work with a cluster to query and update data
Operate, monitor, and backup your cluster
Plan your application to deal with outages

By following the advice in this book, you'll be well on your way to building and running an efficient, predictable distributed system using MongoDB.

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