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Dynamical Symmetry
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Amazing read! Five stars! This book will assuredly stimulate new levels of thinking for the reader in various aspects of dynamical symmetry and it points to discoveries yet to be made in better understanding the some principals of physics therein. ...And makes important discoveries of its own in the process. Each reader should see if they can infer and verify for themselves the import of powerful new implications based upon Maxwell's original equations set forth towards the end of the book.Algebraic Theory of Molecules (Topics in Physical Chemistry Series)

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Whenever systems are governed by continuous chains of causes and effects, their behavior exhibits the consequences of dynamical symmetries, many of them far from obvious. Dynamical Symmetry introduces the reader to Sophus Lie's discoveries of the connections between differential equations and continuous groups that underlie this observation. It develops and applies the mathematical relations between dynamics and geometry that result. Systematic methods for uncovering dynamical symmetries are described, and put to use. Much material in the book is new and some has only recently appeared in research journals.
Though Lie groups play a key role in elementary particle physics, their connection with differential equations is more often exploited in applied mathematics and engineering. Dynamical Symmetry bridges this gap in a novel manner designed to help readers establish new connections in their own areas of interest. Emphasis is placed on applications to physics and chemistry. Applications to many of the other sciences illustrate both general principles and the ubiquitousness of dynamical symmetries.

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