Introducing Revit Architecture 2010: BIM for Beginners Review

Introducing Revit Architecture 2010: BIM for Beginners
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The "Introducing Revit Architecture 2010-BIM for beginners" is a well-put together book. I am rating this book 4 star because it's a book I have be able to really understand and be able to refer back to often and get quick and easy feed back.
What I found to be good about this book is, that it's in fact a beginners book, so the layout is very simple, organized and easy to follow. The placement of sub categories in each chapter makes finding the right material very easy. I liked that most sub categories have a step-by-step run through of the process with images (such as modeling images, as well as window box screen shots) that correspond with the process your going through.
The bad part of this book is also the good part...the fact that it's a beginner's book. I have found on multiple occasions that I had trouble with a certain situation during the designing process that I referred back to the book and it only provided an overview of the process and suggested I get a more advanced book (go figure).
Overall I'm am glad I got this book, it is helpful and very easy to follow, I am one of those people that have a hard time following text books so I was surprised at my ability to navigate and actually continue to refer back to this book on multiple occasion. The program its self is relatively simple to grasp especially if you have dealt with other BIM software's that do have as much and are twice as hard to figure out.

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Learn the leading BIM software quickly and easily with this book's detailed discussions and practical exercises

Introducing Revit Architecture 2010 presents the core features of this industry-leading building information modeling (BIM) software with focused discussions and practical exercises to get you up to speed quickly.

Real-world tutorials from the expert authors' extensive experience, along with straightforward explanations and examples, focus squarely on accomplishing vital Revit tasks. Fully illustrated and including a 16-page color insert, Introducing Revit Architecture 2010 explains BIM principles and thoroughly covers Revit's concepts, interface, tools, and process.

Teaches Revit's essential concepts with a no-nonsense, real-world approach
Explains the principles of BIM, then provides a thorough overview of Revit's concepts and interface conventions before delving into crucial Revit tools and tasks
Focuses on accomplishing vital Revit tasks, using practical explanations, real-world architectural scenarios, and in-depth, focused tutorials
Uses in-depth discussions reinforced by comprehensive, step-by-step exercises that demonstrate how to model, document, present, and share your designs
Written by Revit experts, this book is fully updated for Revit 2010 and features an inspirational 16-page color insert

Introducing Revit Architecture 2010 is the essential resource for both students and professionals in the architecture and construction fields.

For Instructors: Teaching supplements are available for this title.

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