Face Processing: Advanced Modeling and Methods Review

Face Processing: Advanced Modeling and Methods
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Evolution gives us a profound and hardwired ability to recognise others of our own species. A fundamental trait vital to any species which has eyes. This also has had the effect of making effective face recognition a very hard task for computers. Which has not deterred many researchers from tackling the problem.
This book is a timely summary of our current understanding. Each chapter has a bulky list of references that will aid researchers. Along with many photos and diagrams that illustrate the various algorithms. The editors have also thoughtfully provided a central selection of colour plates for enhanced viewing. The illustrations in the rest of the text are in black and white.
The maths in various methods is impressive. As in convoluting for general materials. Or the key concept of an eigenface. So important is this that it is covered early, in the entirety of chapter 2. The term is a natural extension of eigenvalue and eigenvector, used in linear algebra and differential systems. Suffice it to say that you should already be fluent in the latter, otherwise much of this book will be meaningless.

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Major strides have been made in face processing in the last ten years due to the fast growing need for security in various locations around the globe. A human eye can discern the details of a specific face with relative ease. It is this level of detail that researchers are striving to create with ever evolving computer technologies that will become our perfect mechanical eyes. The difficulty that confronts researchers stems from turning a 3D object into a 2D image. That subject is covered in depth from several different perspectives in this volume.This book begins with a comprehensive introductory chapter for those who are new to the field. A compendium of articles follows that is divided into three sections. The first covers basic aspects of face processing from human to computer. The second deals with face modeling from computational and physiological points of view. The third tackles the advanced methods, which include illumination, pose, expression, and more. Editors Zhao and Chellappa have compiled a concise and necessary text for industrial research scientists, students, and professionals working in the area of image and signal processing. *Contributions from over 35 leading experts in face detection, recognition and image processing*Over 150 informative images with 16 images in FULL COLOR illustrate and offer insight into the most up-to-date advanced face processing methods and techniques*Extensive detail makes this a need-to-own book for all involved with image and signal processing

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