Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies Review

Applied SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies
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I found this book valuable for providing a solid approach to designing service oriented architectures. It is important for people to understand that this book does not focus on implementing web services - there are plenty of other books that do that. This book focuses on the hard parts - how to design an architecture around the concept of services.
This book is also not a "cookbook" - it does not offer easy answers to these tough problems. Instead it walks you through the thought process so you can learn how to come up with the right answers yourself.
I am actively using this book to help my customers get started with SOA and to help them avoid common design pitfalls. My favorite chapter is Chapter 9: Using Services to Build Enterprise Solutions. The distinction between today's monolothic applications and tomorrow's composite applications requires a paradigm shift that the authors express well.
Finally, I especially liked the practical approach, practical steps and practical advice continually peppered throughout the entire book.

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Endorsed by all major vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP), SOA has quickly become the industry standard for building next-generation software; this practical guide shows readers how to achieve the many benefits of SOA
Begins with a look at the architectural principles needed to create successful applications and then goes on to examine the process for designing services and SOA implementations
Each stage of the design process has an accompanying chapter that walks readers through the details and provides helpful tips, techniques, and examples
The author team of SOA practitioners also provides two unique, comprehensive, end-to-end case studies illustrating the architectural and design techniques presented in the book

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