Modeling Derivatives Applications in Matlab, C++, and Excel Review

Modeling Derivatives Applications in Matlab, C++, and Excel
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I highlight two points:
1. The inclusion of Matlab and Excel code in almost all topics of the book.
2. All the content is new and more advanced, there is no recovered topics of his previous book.

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Prebuilt Code for Modeling and Pricing Today's Complex DerivativesJustin London shows how to implement pricing algorithms for a wide variety of complex derivatives, including rapidly emerging instruments covered in no other book. Utilizing actual Bloomberg data, London covers credit derivatives, CDOs, mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, fixed-income securities, and today's increasingly important weather, power, and energy derivatives.His robust models are designed for both ease of use and ease of adaptation, and may be downloaded by the book's purchasers from a secured Web site.Modeling Derivatives Applications in Matlab, C++, and Excel will be indispensable to sell-side professionals who model derivatives; buy-side professionals who must understand the derivatives offered to them; experienced quants; developers at Wall Street firms; and any financial engineering practitioner or student entering the derivatives field for the first time.Presents broader coverage and more models than any competitive book Covers everything from swaps to interest rate models, mortgage- and asset-backed securities to the HJM model Includes code for all three leading derivatives development platforms The only book to present models for Matlab, C++, and Excel Addresses the fastest-growing areas of derivatives development Includes models for weather, power, and energy derivatives, CDOs, and more Contains extensive real-world examples. Theentire book utilizesMatlab, C++, and Excel. Users need Matlab installed, Visual C++, and Excel.In addition, some examples using Matlab toolkits are used: Chapter 1makes use of the Fixed-Income Toolkit. Appendix A makes use of the Financial Derivatives Toolkit and Matlab Excel Link.These toolkits do not come with the book, but can be obtained from Mathworks.Downloadable models available ONLY to purchasers of this book.Purchasers receive a unique access code enabling secure access to downloadable, prebuilt code and templates for Matlab, C++, and Excel. Preface xv Acknowledgments xix About the Author xxiChapter 1Swaps and Fixed Income Instruments 1 Chapter2 Copula Functions 67Chapter3 Mortgage-Backed Securities 91Chapter4 Collateralized Debt Obligations 163Chapter5 Credit Derivatives 223Chapter6Weather Derivatives 299Chapter7 Energy and Power Derivatives 333Chapter8 Pricing Power Derivatives: Theory and Matlab Implementation 407Chapter9 Commercial Real Estate Asset-Backed Securities 447Appendix AInterest Rate Tree Modeling in Matlab 473Appendix BChapter 7 Code 503 References 543 Index 555

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