Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems Review

Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems
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I had to buy this book for my last semester in electrical engineering. It is a good choice as an introduction to mathematical tools used in representation and analysis of dynamic systems, electrical or mecanical.
First, there are a few chapters about basic notions of dynamic (translational and rotational. You can pass this part quickly if you had a few mechanic classes, because it is just to show the good way to represent systems in modeling. Next, a good explanation of state variable modeling, transfert function, linear vs non linear equations, etc, is well written, with good examples, without too advanced maths. If you have learned basic notions in calculus and linear algebra, you can follow the text pretty easily.

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The book presents the methodology applicable to the modeling and analysis of a variety of dynamic systems, regardless of their physical origin. It includes detailed modeling of mechanical, electrical, electro-mechanical, thermal, and fluid systems. Models are developed in the form of state-variable equations, input-output differential equations, transfer functions, and block diagrams. The Laplace-transform is used for analytical solutions. Computer solutions are based on MATLAB and Simulink.

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