Climate System Modeling Review

Climate System Modeling
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This book you can use to get a really good picture of what climate modelling really is. You should be somewhat into your studies and not a first year student.The book covers virtually every topic that is important if you want to build your own climate model.Do not try this, though; your PC cannot work with all the subsystems that are described in the volume. Following Schneiders 1982 book this is really guff!

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This interdisciplinary volume aimed at graduate students and researchers provides a thorough grounding in the tools necessary for an appreciation of climate change and its implications. It discusses not only the primary concepts involved but also the mathematical, physical, chemical and biological basis for the component models and the sources of uncertainty, the assumptions made and the approximations introduced. Climate System Modeling addresses all aspects of the climate system: the atmosphere and the oceans, the cryosphere, terrestrial ecosystems and the biosphere, land surface processes and global biogeochemical cycles. As a comprehensive text it will appeal to students and researchers concerned with any aspect of climatology and the study of related topics in the broad earth and environmental sciences.

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