Google SketchUp Workshop: Modeling, Visualizing, and Illustrating Review

Google SketchUp Workshop: Modeling, Visualizing, and Illustrating
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Executive Summary: Have a project in mind, do the online SketchUp tutorials, then read this
book's "Overview" section and whatever other sections catch your eye.
First off, this book isn't an introduction to SketchUp. The online SketchUp tutorials handle that job. Instead, this book is more like a series of conference papers. Very well done conference papers though.
The "Overview" section is suprisingly long at over 70 pages. Those pages, however, are rather good. SketchUp has a lot of oddities. Some oddities are just because SketchUp has its own approach to some things. Other oddities are just sort of odd. The overview provides pointers on making some things easier to deal with and to make projects flow more easily. It also provides a few hints as to why, when SketchUp isn't doing what you expect, and how to get back to predictability. Eventually these things make sense.
The rest of the book is a series of overviews of various people's work, work flows and design techniques. I was immediately drawn to the woodworking project overview because that's pretty much what my initial SketchUp efforts are all about. There are lots of other projects though and they are truly shocking in their complexity and breadth.
A reader can easily read only the overview and maybe a project section or two. That's surely the fastest way to process what you need and then get to your own project. The reality is that you get drawn back in the text. There's that cool longship in the concept art section, the virtual house design, the .... so much neat stuff!

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Discover the secrets of the Google SketchUp with the 16 real-world professional-level projects including parks, structures, concept art, and illustration. Google SketchUp Workshop includes all the wide variety of projects that SketchUp can be used for-architectural visualization, landscape design, video game and film conception, and more. SketchUp masters in every field will get you up to speed in this agile and intuitive software and then show you the real uses with through projects in architecture, engineering, and design.
* Packed with 16 real-world Google SketchUp projects from working professionals that traverse the entire spectrum of what SketchUp can accomplish * Covers both the free and Professional versions of the Google SketchUp program - it is not bound to any version* Teaches 2D illustration and pre-visualization through to the fully rendered 3D Model - from start to finish

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