3-D Human Modeling and Animation, Third Edition Review

3-D Human Modeling and Animation, Third Edition
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I highly recommend this book because it is teaching me a lot about 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, and animation. The book has detailed step-by-step instructions for modeling human characters plus video tutorials that go along with it.
The author is also a professor of 3D animation and it really shows. He presents the material as if you were taking one of his classes explaining and illustrating each step in this complicated process. First I learned how to model simple things like furniture. Then I followed his instructions and was able to model a cartoon character.
Now I'm learning how to model a human. I'm almost done and it's great that I've gotten this far without screwing things up. Sometimes when I had problems making out the exact step, I just played the video tutorial found on the DVD for that part. It really helped!
I noticed a reviewer who said there were errors in the book. I didn't find them. I've seen many other impressive models online that had 5-sided or more polygons such as Steven Stahlberg's awesome human models. He doesn't just stick with 4-sided polygons and look how great his models deform when animated. He's famous for his human models if you didn't know. In one of his tutorials, he says that sometimes you have to use polygons that have more than four sides.
I'm glad I bought this book and I think you will be too once you work with it like I did. I won't deny that you have to put in the time to get the results you want.

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3-D Human Modeling and Animation

Third Edition
All the tools and techniques you need to bring human figures to 3-D life
Thanks to today's remarkable technology, artists can create and animate realistic, three-dimensional human figures that were not possible just a few years ago. This easy-to-follow book guides you through all the necessary steps to adapt your own artistic skill in figure drawing, painting, and sculpture to this exciting digital canvas.
3-D Human Modeling and Animation, Third Edition starts you off with simple modeling, then prepares you for more advanced techniques for creating human characters. After a brief overview of human anatomy, you'll delve into the basic principles of proportion and structure, along with the different body parts. Exploring human modeling, texturing, rigging, and lighting leads you to more advanced techniques for digital figure animation.
Filled with?detailed, practical information about creating and animating 3-D human models, this updated Third Edition now features more than 500 full-color images that detail, step by step, the modeling and animation processes for both male and female figures. Most helpful of all, the included DVD features QuickTime tutorials tied to the modeling chapters and provides detailed color images from the chapters so you can get a quick start in bringing your visions to fruition!

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